KSP specializes in the planning and implementation of strategies to prevent and handle emergency situations.

Crisis Management
Effective crisis management must include a crisis management plan which foresees potential crises, and prepares the organization in the event such crises should occur. The nature of every organization and every emergency is different. The impact of a crisis on an organization varies depending upon the nature of the organization and the nature of the crisis. The negative impact on a company of a highly-publicized lawsuit is very different from the impact of an office fire. An effective crisis management plan must be able to handle both. Many crises can and should be handled internally according to the organization’s policies and crisis management plan. KSP and our strategic partners work with companies and other organizations to put these plans and systems into action in the event a crisis is not averted and must be handled externally.

Kent Karosen planned, structured, and directed the Cantor Fitzgerald Crisis Center the day following the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 to assist the families and friends of those lost or missing. Not every crisis is as tragic or as devastating, but KSP has the experience and the resources available to handle virtually any situation.

Depending upon the nature of the crisis, an organization should be prepared to carry out company relocation, increased security measures, legal defense, employee contract renegotiation, the installation of family crisis centers, the negotiation of local and state government policy changes and government grants, timely labor dispute resolutions, and countless other strategies included in an effective crisis management plan.

Crisis Prevention
We stand behind the belief that the most effective method of managing a crisis is to prevent it. Crisis prevention planning is critical to the operation, success, security, and future growth of any corporation, government agency, or non-profit organization. Recognizing potential external and internal threats and developing a plan to curtail the realization of those threats is paramount. KSP works with management in the development of security plans, the assessment and modification of potentially damaging internal policies, the renegotiation of detrimental contracts, and the outsourcing of preventative services. We are adept at and dedicated to the planning, implementation, and maintenance of those plans, policies, contracts, and services. Some of the things an effective crisis prevention plan should include are unambiguous employee conduct policies and contracts (non-disclosure agreements for employees and consultants, stringent anti-bias policies, valuable employee reward programs, etc.), prospective employee background checks, data backup, capable and efficient security personnel and technology, the implementation of superior fire safety standards and equipment, first aid equipment, detailed employee safety training, and the introduction of a crisis management team if necessary. However, unforeseen crises do occur every day and in every organization. KSP is prepared for that eventuality as well.

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