Morgan moves
J.P. Morgan Chase's real estate slim-down continues. As the Daily News first reported in February, the bank is selling 522 Fifth Ave., a 23-story office building at W. 44th Street. Real estate executives say it has received several bids, even though it will probably be sold vacant.

J.P. Morgan Fleming Asset Management has hundreds of employees there, but is likely to move them to other midtown locations.

Sources with knowledge of the sale say a second round of bidding among a group of finalists will begin soon. George Comfort & Sons, an investment and management company, is said to be among the bidders.

Comfort exec Robert Deckey declined to comment, but sources said 522 Fifth would fit the company's office building portfolio, which includes 200 Madison Ave. and 498 Seventh Ave.

Cantor Fitzgerald, the company hardest hit in the World Trade Center attacks, has also shown interest in 522 Fifth, though it could end up a tenant rather than an owner.

"I've gone through the building," admitted Kent Karosen, Cantor's point man on finding a new permanent home.

One catch in the sale is that Chase does not own the "fee" - the ground beneath the building. It's negotiating to buy the fee from an estate of about 100 owners. A Chase spokeswoman declined to comment..

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